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ive been having throat problems for a couple yrz now. i feel a if something is there and wants to come out or is crawling up. everyday i cough up these yellow smelly clumps i have no idea what they are my throat hurts for abt a week then suddenly stops and then comes back again. and at night i feel as if i might choke on it and die ive had these sympthoms for so long now and im scared ive looked up everythin but havent found any answers can anyone help??

btw also bad breathe, headaches, runny nose, stomach pain and dizzyness..


I used to have this also... it is post nasal drip and food particles that collect in the back of your throat. If you are having them you can look in the back of your throat and you will see them in the cavities in the back of your throat.. The reason that is smells so bad is that it stays in there for a long time and basically rots and gets really rank.. You can did them out with a Q-tip and gargle your throat with warm salt water.. I take Benedryl now when I have post nasal drip and that helps quite a bit but be sure you take it as directed on the package.. Drink lots of water too because that will help to keep the mucus in your throat thin... I've really not had this problem much since the use of the Benedryl which is an anti- histamine... But be sure to drink plenty of water during the day... dry mouth will also cause bad breath. If you are on medication that dries your mouth or you don't drink enough water that will cause bad breath. You might try some lemon and honey throat lozenges as well. 
I hope this helps you. I seriously don't think you have a disease.. I saw this on the show "Dr. Oz" here in the USA... That show really has so much helpful information and they also have a website with tons of helpful health information. Good luck and relax... God Bless!