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Pimple with no head suddenly appears on buttock/thigh.  Itches. Put on benedryl salve to relieve itching. Pimple disappears after lengthy period of time. About a year later reappears. In exact same place. Same treatment. Same result. No other symptons or pimples.

Originally thought it was a brown recluse spider bite. Biopsy inconclusive.

Married with no extra curricular activities by wife or self.

Is it Herpes? or something else?


This is an odd question but do you do a lot of driving?  The area in question is probably being irritated by either sitting too much or wearing clothing that is irritating.  This causes inflammation of the hair follicle and it becomes infected.  You may want to determine what is causing the irritation (tight-fitting clothes, detergent, etc.) and perhaps this will keep the pimple or boil from developing again.  You may want to keep the area exfoliated and scrubbed well each time you take a bath and apply medicated powder.  The powder will reduce any friction between you and your clothing.