Dear all,

My health is killing me, I am constantly in pain, unhappy and frustrated with my prevailing health circumstance. I have to turn to this forum for help and also for anyone who may have had the same problem to help on how they where able to deal with it. For now, those around me including the doctors seem not to be understanding me and this is frustrating. My story goes like this. I gave birth to my second child in January 2009 through ciscerian section after prolong labour. It was after this my problem started. I started having heart burns, high blood pressure, painfully swollen backpain and my stomach was not going down. Today, almost 2years after, I still look like a 6months pregranant woman.
I then started seeing different doctors, after a while, I was diagnose of being h Paloric positive( i.e the bacteria in my stomach was not enough - in a layman laguage). I then started treatment but I kept having blisters my mouth and I was later diagnose of hernia plus oesophagus reflux. All through this my back and feet pains increased. I went for x-ray for my back and legs and was diagnose of disc polar in my spine. I am consistently on medication for the pain.
I recent times the stomach pains increased and I started having itching in my virginia area. I was giviing antibiotics plus some cream and I did the swap test no result. The itching as stopped but now my virgina is bleeding. It started with spotting of blood now it bleeds heavily but it is not yet my period.
I do not know if there is a connection between all of these experience. My health is in a mess right now and I need help. Please even if it is what test/diagnosis I should do. And if you have similar experience please lets share.