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Have had swollen temples for 2 weeks now. They swell when i eat and sometimes cause severe headache. my GP isn't worried and my arthritis consultant at the hospital wasn't interested either. I had bloods taken but as I'm on steroids at the moment to reduce my arthritis they came back normal anyway! 5 years ago when I was pregnant (in the 8th month) is when it first started and lasted a few weeks and nothing since then until now!!!! They say they don' think it's temporal arthritis as they can't see the veins at the side of my head my head likely to fall off or blindness set in as a result of their disinterested or should I not be concerned please? Kindest regards :O)


The muscles in your temples are swelling because the muscles are strong, a bit like the arms of a body builder. You probably eat alot of nuts or chew a lot of gum. You'll have to visit your dentist who will refer you to a specialist (because the dentist won't have a clue). Then the specialist will suggest you get Botox in your temples. It doesn't hurt (I've had the same problem), but it does work.

Doctors don't see this problem a lot, so they're usually clueless, but it's nothing serious, more of a pain in the ass. Try to eat soft foods until you see the specialist, you don't want the muscle getting bigger.