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We have this issue. My father seems to have maybe minorly scratch his eye, and his eyelid swells up, goes down, and will swell up again. This has happened at least three times, and my brother and I have had a one-time round as well. And now, possibly, one of our chihuahuas may have it. I know usually physical ailments don't travel through the air, but is this special and/or contagious? Could you diagnose and identify if it's contagious?


Hey there

It seems that you have some nasty eye infection. One of the most annoying eye infections is pink eye and unfortunately this infection is very contagious so it is possible that this could be what your whole family, including your dogs, is suffering from.

Symptoms of this condition include red, inflamed and watery eyes. You have mentioned that your father said that he feels like his eye is burning and that he is experiencing scratching sensation within the eye and these are pink eye symptoms as well.

You should visit your doctor and get this treated. Regarding your dogs I think you should take them to the veterinarian as well just to be sure that everything is fine.