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teenage girl who started her menstrual cycle over summer. . had a period in june and july and hasn't had one since, not sexually active.. many symptoms! CONFUSED!

symptoms for a while now: unclear and changing, not sure how serious..
digestive- bowel problems (shape,odor, sometimes color), bowel sounds, abdominal swelling after eating goes away mainly at night, but still a little swollen in lower abdomen before genitals.
vaginal symptoms- thin, clear odd smelling discharge, possible bacterical vaginal infection (WHAT CAUSES THIS?)
other- sore breasts, aches, ankle swelling, finger swelling, sore muscles

i have been different for many weeks.. it cant be pregnancy if i am not sexually active? (i know, but still worried of worse) plus wouldnt it be obvious by now!

been stressed with school and changes.. i know this can mess you up but is it more than that
going to doctor next week.. looking for advice.. share all you know


SAME BOAT. So having sex two days before my period, is it best to wait for my period to come or just take the morning pill to prevent pregnancy????