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About 10 days ago I had a really bad migraine and was vomitting.  I think I pulled something in my back and ever since then I have had a pretty constant headache/pressure in my head.  As well, I have started seeing spots and/or flashes of light, especially if I change my focus from one thing to another quickly.  I am not sure what the cause of this is, but I am worried that it may be something serious.  Does anyone have any ideas of what could be causing this?



Hi, the problems that you are experiencing remind me of the same problems my dad phew months ago. It started as a headache and nausea and he got really concerned about his health. He even went to do some blood tests only to find out that nothing is wrong with him. He was about to go and do MRI scan and seek other opinions when a friend suggested him to visit a chiropractor. And he said: "Why not?". Later my dad explained that chiropractor told him his back and neck were out of line, like they popped out of their usual places and that was the reason he was experiencing headaches. My dad sad that the chiropractor himself aligned his neck and back with some techniques. You might consider visiting one, after all, it can only help your current state.