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Hi, my niece is suffering from severe back pain and she has been advised to visit a chiropractor. But she has second thoughts on this as she thinks that the chiropractor would demand huge money. Has anyone visited a chiropractor recently and suggest on what were the charges incurred? Please help.


Hi, yes it sounds like a good idea to visit a chiropractor. I have heard lots of stories where chiropractors miraculously cured back pains and neck pains in one or two session. My father had neck and back pains for phew years and after he was referred to a chiropractor he said he feels like he was reborn. No more pain. As for the cost , it usually ranges between $30 and $100 per session. It might look expensive but the chance is you might not need second session if he adjusts your back in first try. It is fairly cheap considering how big of a help can it be.


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I would highly recommend a chiropractor. When I was a kid (in the 40s) I heard the story about my father being in such bad pain he was in bed and couldn't work. This was years before I was born. The medical people had given up on him so he went to a chiropractor and he was back on his feet in a short time.

I was brought up going to chiropractors for back problems.

When I was about 50 I developed such bad back pain I could hardly function. It had been 25 years since I had seen a chiropractor. One day when it was really bad I was lying on the floor of my TV shop in pain, when the phone rang. It was a lady looking for a TV service call. When I told her of my problem she said "I have just the guy for you" and she gave me the name of a chiropractor in the next town. She said don't worry about the TV, you can come after you get your back fixed.

I went to see him that afternoon. He took xrays and gave me another appointment for the next day when he expected to have them back. On the second day he did his thing and I walked out feeling much better. It took a few weeks for the pain to go away completely but it did.

I called the lady back to set up a time to fix her TV and the phone number didn't exist. I called the phone company and was told that number had not been assigned to anyone for several years. I drove out to the area where she said she lived and there was no house with that street number. I spoke to several neighbors in the area, all customers of mine, and no one had ever heard of her. My wife says it was an angel who called me and I have to believe her.

That was about 20 years ago and my back is still fine. I hope I never have another problem because I can't go back to see Dr. LaBarre again. I believe Sheila killed him too but they have no way to investigate that. If you don't know who she is, just Google Sheila LaBarre.

The only thing that does in their reputations is they claim to be able to cure everything that's wrong with you including the common cold and they tend to keep giving you serial appointments that will go on forever unless you just plain quit going.