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two years ago i was on 100mg of zoloft. i decided to quit cold turkey through them in the garbage without consulting my doctor he never warned me about getting off so i had no idea about the side effects. boy was in for a surprise. i was fine the first month i thought this is great ive been off for a month i feel great. one month later i was spending a weekend with a friend we went out for drinks. the next morning i had diarrah and dizzy thinking it was from the drinks the night before. the next day i couldnt get out of bed couldnt eat forced myself to drink water. i started having negative racing thoughts they wouldnt stop started to become paranoid and scared lost ten pounds in the first week. the second week i couldnt sleep not one wink. i thought i was going insane. went to see my doctor and he told what i was having were withdrawls from the zoloft. i was so sad i thought i was over zoloft. he got me back on 50 mg. he said it would take about 3 weeks to get back to feeling better. i took a 3 week medical leave from work and started back on my journey to being hooked to zoloft. about 9 months ago i started doing research on tapering off zoloft. i started breaking the 50mg in half to 25mg. when i did that i took suppliments to help with the withdrawls. 6 tabs fish oil, 5000 mcg biotin, 2 tabs milk thistle, 1 tab vitamin e and 1 tab vitamin k. my god it works! ive been taking it very slow. every two months ive tapered im down to 6mg of zolft i have one more month before im completly off. im scared but im soooo happy to get off i want my brain to be my brain. for the past 3 months ive been working with a holistic psychologist. i need her for support i cant do this alone. she helping me do this slow. she gave me a great tip by metagenics called transcore. its an all natural anxiety supplement to take after getting off the zoloft to reduce withdrawls. read read read get your hands on positive things to read to up lift you through the hard times.


How are you now Jacquifaye? I went through a similar experience to you. I've been experiencing zoloft withdrawals for about 7 months now - the wd kicked in at 1 month after i quit. I reduced from 25mg- 0 mg in 2 weeks. Too fast!!! you did the best thing going back on - i was too stubborn and thought i could ride it out. I was very wrong....Let me know how you're feeling now- Did your slow taper work?

Helen x