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I'm 20 years old and female. I don't get my greens and I hardly eat fruit. When I do have fruit, it is usually oranges, apples, grapes or bananas.

I know I should eat green vegetables, so the other week I had my first salad, which wasn't as bad as I had thought all these years. But now, just the thought of eating leafy greens is making me feel physically sick to think about.

I'm an anxious person and I don't want to get ill, so last week I tried to eat good foods when really I just wanted salty and sugary food. I had a jacket potatoe for example, which made me feel slightly sick afterwards, but I made sure I ate the whole thing.

I'm a pick eater and I only eat a small range of foods as I have no physical interest in eating others - such as salmon (which I forced myself to eat and I found disgusting to taste) or pastas. I prefer to eat tinned pasta, soup, fish, lamb/beaf/pork, bread, corn, potatoes, butter, chicken. I don't eat pizza, bacon, fry-ups, yogurt, chinese/indian/Tai take aways.

Am I just fussy or could it have something to do with my taste buds?

I used to eat culcumber when small, but I don't remember why I stopped. I ate cheese daily at school for 11 odd years and now I feel sick when I try to eat it again. The same with grapes, though I had only started eating them this year. I don't know why I suddenly feel sick when I eat them.

I don't like lunch times at work and would prefer to eat nothing unless I have the chance of eating at home. But I make sure I have three meals a day as by 12pm at lunch, I start to feel slightly lightheaded unless I've been snacking on apples or chocolate mid-morning.

I don't smoke or drink any alcohol. I only drink orange juice, water, milk, cola and lemonade.

I'm not fat. I weigh 130 pounds and am 5' 4.


The reason you could feel sick when you eat those foods is because they're good for you. Honestly. If you haven't eaten them in a while, they may be doing some detoxifying in your body, causing you to feel nauseous. Try for a full week eating fruits and vegetables, even if you get sick. (Of course, take it easy.) This way your body can get used to eating these healthy foods.