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Hi, Im Sam and I weigh roughly 120 lbs. and Im 5'5. You can say what you want but i feel so fat! There are so many girls my age, height, and weight that are so skinny! I feel like my bones are light and my fat is heavy. For the past 3 months ive been stressing to lose some weight and it would only work when i starved myself. I want to be athletic like i used to be, although im out of my sport for this season and it will be a while to im up and going again. I want to be 105 by new years, which is 1 month and a half away! Ive been eating healthy but nothing is happening. I lost about 8 pounds in 4 months but i look the same and Im sick of crying myself to sleep. Please help! I dont care if its healthy or not!


Ok, so different things work for everyone. One of the most important things is to never give up and to tell yourself you can lose the weight. I used to weigh as much as you do. I lost the weight and still have it off. Rules to lose weight. 

1) Never starve yourself. When you starve yourself your body takes food that you have already eaten and turns it to fat. So it makes you gain more weight. 

2) Get into an exercise routine. If you have Wii fit use it. Go to a gym if you can. If you have exercise equipment use it. If you can not do any of them try sit-ups. Sit-ups burn weight fast.

3) Also, if you can, go out jogging or running.

4) You don't have to go on a diet. Even if diets do make people lose weight they still exercise. Also if you start eating unhealthy again you are going to get the weight back. You can eat salads if you want to. Don't drink sodas and you can eat desserts. Just don't eat so much that you gain more weight. Eat sparingly and try to burn the calories from the dessert off.

Also some people are just made to be bigger. They have bigger muscle mass and so if you start to work out the muscle is going to get huge. It's not healthy to be super skinny. Some of the girls at your school might be anorexic. You know those models that are so skinny...they are anorexic... it's not healthy for them and they can die because they are not getting the right nutrition. Don't be embarrassed about your's how you act that counts. When I weighed more than you did I had lots of friends and they didn't care about how much I weighed. Please don't cry yourself to sleep and just have fun in life. Make friends and if they are true friends they won't care about how you look.

I hope this helps

               Good luck