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Hi there,

I must say that it is really hard to be fat. Tonight, I have some reunion with my mates from cooking class. They are going to serve us some specialty, at least they say that this dinner is something amazing. I have heard that they are going to serve us a cabbage soup, and I must be honest with you – I think that I am going to hate it! My friend told me that I can lose my weight if I eat this ugly cabbage soup, but I am not so sure that I want to try it.

What do you think?

I really need a support :) 


Hey there,

Don’t worry it is not that ugly :) It is green and it looks funny, but it is pretty tasty. I had the same opinion about this soup as you do have now :) Once again, don’t worry. It is healthy and you can lose your weight, that is important. However, you should know that the loss weight will come from loss of water. The combination of food is allowed, you won’t be hungry and you won’t starve yourself.

I just want to say that I wish you very nice dinner with your friends.

Trust me, once you try this soup, you are going to make it all the time :)



Haha, don’t worry, it is not ugly at all. I make this cabbage soup very often, even my kids like it. I was reading that even fans claim that you really can drop 10 pounds or more in a week. But, before you start with it, of course, if you want to start with it, you need to know this diet and you need to know that this diet won’t help you in the long run. Second problem is that this soup won’t give your body the nutrients that you need, to stay health.

It is a quick solution, but now final solution.

I hope this is helpful.