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Hi. I'm 16. I have this question that's been bothering me for almost 5 days. I had sex during the 3rd day of my period 1 week ago. Since its the 3rd day the blood is very light and it's like my period is over. He attempted to put his penis inside me for almost 5 times but I am always pushing him coz its hurting me. But he attempted again and his penis is already inside me but after 40 seconds or 1 minute I pushed him again coz I can't stand the pain anymore. He just masturbate to satisfy himself and after 1 and a half minute he's already done. He bursted out his sperm cells. The night after our sex my period is back again and it lasts until morning. Is there a possibility for me to get pregnant?? Please answer my question. Please.



Yes there is a chance of pregnancy.  It depends upon when you ovulate.  Normally that would happen between about days 11 and 16 of your cycle, you had sex on day 3, and sperm can survive UP TO about 5 days. 

It was probably too early for you to get pregnant - THIS TIME.

You may have torn your hymen but bleeding can happen just from having sex.  By itself it means nothing.

You need to wait at least two weeks after having sex to test.

Good luck.