I have been on cilest for more or less a year now, in the start I had normal symptoms of my body adjusting to the hormones, sore boobs sickness etc but all that had settled after a few months.

How ever this month I finshed my last cycle. And had a 3 day withdrawal bleed which was very light but that can happen on bc, started new pill pack as supposed to but this time was really nauseous for the first few days, in second week my nipples became really hard and sore like they were bruised, had one spot of light blood in knickers but not a spec more, thought that was odd, now nipples still sore and coming into third week now? Get ocasional shooting pain through both breasts but they aren't sore only the nipples? Had slight cramps and sometimes feel like af is about to come, took a hpt but was negative.

What's going on?