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I have noticed a lump on the top of my right testicle. It doesn't hurt when I grab it or put little pressure on it, only when I pinch it. There is a similar lump on my left testicle, only it is way smaller. Should I be scared?


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Maybe you just have sebaceous prominence. If you can move the lump together with your skin, it's nothing to worry about. I guess you're a teenager, right? So sebaceous prominences pretty often by teenagers. It's not recommended to squeeze them, because you could catch an infection. Anyway, if you feel discomfort I recommend you to make an appointment with your health care provider to receive an accurate diagnosis.

Here on SteadyHealth you can find other post about sebaceous prominence, just enter those keywords in the search box above and you'll get a ton of topics where people talking about the same issue.

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I think not, but it is always better to be on the safe side and have it checked.

AS far as I know, on top and at the back of the testicle, there is this tube that is lumpy and it serves as sperm storage before it is ejaculated. These lumps are a normal variant and can be sometimes felt during testicular examination. Of course it hurts when you pinch, everything hurts when you pinch, especially on testicles that are so sensitive without pinching.

If you think that your two lumps differ two much in size, you should have it checked by a urologist. You could have developed a spermatocele, which is a small cyst on epididymid, this tube I was telling you about. The cyst usually causes no trouble and is usally left alone until it becomes to annoying and too big. To know for sure what it is, you need to have it checked. You doctor will probably just feel your testicles and s/he should know if everything’s cool or not.