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Hi, I am 17 years old and about 2 months ago I started to feel random pain and discomfort in my testicles. Ive had an ultra sound and they said everything was normal. So a couple of days after i started to feel better again but a week later the same thing came back. So i went back to the doctor and she made me do a culture test and std tests which both had negative results. I went to the Urologist and he said i have no hernia and he can't find the problem. Now about a week after, i still have the same problem that occur at random times. Ive also been doing weight lifting and maybe its because of that but im not lifting heavy weight either so i don't know why this keeps happening...


Hi Joe,

When did you start the weight lifting?  Do your testicles seem to hurt more after you've been lifting?  

Is there anything you can do to relieve the pain?  Does it feel better standing or lying down?  

Are you sexually active?  Does it occur after sex, including masturbation?  Do your testicles feel "swollen" when you have the pain?  Could it be "blue balls" (vasocongestion)?  Do they feel better if you ejaculate?

A great many males have some pain during adolescence in their testicles.  Fortunately it usually resolves itself.