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A dog's dental hygiene is just as important as ours. Knowing what to look for and how to remedy it is vital tot eir health.

Dogs are a man’s (or woman’s) best friend, and sometimes this hyperactive, canine best friend can have a few health problems. The health problems that can be the most frustrating is those to do with its teeth. The problem is that dogs can't express when they're in pain or when they have an issue such as this so it's important for you to understand the signs and what to do if the issue arises.

A dog uses their teeth as much as humans, if not more. The only difference is, people tend to go to the dentist once or twice a year, whereas dogs tend to suffer through any dental issues until they’re next at the vet. And even then, the price of a vet is massively extorted compared to what we pay to get our own check up.

What Should You Look For When A Dog Is In Pain?

There are a few telltale sights when your dog is in pain or discomfort with their teeth, and these are things you should look out for on a day-to-day basis. The sooner you can catch any problems with your dog’s gnashers, the better. It will cost less, take less time to fix but most importantly your poor pooch will be in much less pain the quicker you notice something’s not right. If your dog isn’t eating like they usually do, they could be beginning to have problems with their teeth. Moaning and groaning is also a great way to figure out just how uncomfortable your pet is with their teeth.

There’s multiple other ways to tell whether your dog is having tooth trouble, including slobbering excessively, bad breath or chewing on one side of their mouth. A great tip for dogs is to actually clean their teeth the same way you would yours (minus the toothpaste!). Take a brush and gently give their teeth a little scrub. Keeping them polished is a good way to stave off bacteria or dental disease.

Diabetes in pets could be another sign your dog is probably having problems with teeth too.

What Products Are Best To Keep A Dog’s Teeth Healthy?

There are a number of dental products you can buy over the counter to reduce the likelihood of dental problems in dogs. Below are a few that may help:

Toothpaste - Exactly what you would expect. Dog toothpaste comes in a meaty flavor to encourage your dog to let you mess around in their mouth. You just apply it to a dog toothbrush and scrub like you would your own teeth.

Finger Brushes - These are toothbrushes with a difference. You can pop these on the end of your finger and really get to the back of your dog’s teeth. The further inside you can get with these, the more likely you are to keep your dog’s oral hygiene in top condition.

Dental Spray - Keep their teeth clean and control tartar with this handy spray. Simply administer it a couple of times a day to keep them feeling fresh.

Dental Chew - Small tablets that your dog can chew, which will help them reduce any long-term dental issues.

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