It should come naturally but the modern living forces us to pay billions of dollars to get a good night sleep. Sleep today is being compared to sex, something that we all need and want, have to have but have trouble getting it. What is worse, more and more are paying to get it.

The “sleeping” business is constantly growing and around 11 billions of dollars are being spent yearly on sleeping aids such as prescription sleeping pills, bedding, mattresses, and other sleep-inducing gadgets.
Most of the people today are not getting enough sleep, some because the modern living doesn’t allow them and others because they suffer from sleeping disorders.
Sleep deprivation influences both physical and financial aspects of life. It has been showed that lack of sleep contributes to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and that 16 billions of dollars are spent on annual health-care because of sleep deprivation, not to mention $50 billion in lost productivity.
The statistics show that Americans spend about $2 billion worth of sleeping pills a year, and this number is expected to grow to $3.8 billion in the near future. Even more money is being spent on sleeping aids such as sound-soothing machines or mattresses covered in layers of silk.