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I just got my maggie drozd diet plan w/ the book, the green tea capsules, and the spice capsules. It's been two days so far, haven't weighed myself, and am taking 2 green tea pills before breakfast, 2 before lunch, and 1 spice capsule before dinner, and I'm eating the way she states to eat. Should I not each sweets or any fattening foods? Does it really work? I need to know. %-)


I tried this diet six years ago. I used to weight 180 lbs., I'm now 130 lbs. and allow me to tell you this:

1. I used this diet method for 6 months and I lost 20 lbs.

2. I lost another 15 lbs. after 4 months.

3. My weight was settled at this number for 5 years.

4. I gained 5 lbs. since last year because i stopped the diet completely.

5. Once you get back to the method "no need for the supplements if you already used them", you will lose any extra pounds you gained.

Go ahead, it's great to be fit.