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I need some help. I was recently tested for MS and they started with a series of blood tests. The first time I did the blood tests my results were Ast 72, alk phos 176, alt 83. Two days later they had me repeat the tests my results were ast 188, alk phos 147, alt 121. My tibc was 428. My vitamin D results was 16. They did an ultrasound on my liver and found on the right lobe has a mass 5.0x2.4x 3.7 cm. I was also tested for Hepititis B and C and those both came back negative. They are now asking for an MRI on my liver. I need a straight answer, are these signs of liver cancer or liver failure? Please help! I can handle anything, I just need to know. Thank you.


MS is auto-immune related. I deal with auto-immune issues, and after 8years of misery, and tens of thousands of dollars, and over 13 doctors, I found (May be Check it out.

i took triple therapy for hep-c, clear for 2 years now. So I've been down the road of a long long journey, but learned many things that doctors WILL NOT tell you.

I'm happy to share with you what I've learned NOT to do along the way.


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