I had my gallbladder removed Dec. 2008 and a few months after that the pain was back.  I had right upper quadrant pain and sometimes right lower pain too. I had many tests ran and the all came back fine.  I got diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome last September.  I had a few er trips plus tons of doctors appointments.  My own physician thought all of my pain was in my head.  My gastroenterologist told me to go back to my surgeon.  The surgeon did a larparoscopy and found a mass of adhesions and scar tissue wrapped around the bottom of my liver.  The surgeon was shocked when he saw that huge mass.  Adhesions and scar tissue do not show up on any tests.  I couldn't eat solid foods for the last few months because my liver wasn't functioning properly.  I really feel great now that it is out.  People go get checked out because you aren't crazy.  You know there isn't something right with your body and don't give up until you find the answers.  I recommend seeing a surgeon.  It is wonderful to feel this good.  I am just a 23 year old female and had all of this going on.