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My age range is 12-16 (Do not want to disclose actual age sorry) and I have a bit of a problem.

About 2 days ago I first learnt that I was supposed to clean under my foreskin (Parents never said anything about it, just learnt 2 days ago). I pulled it back for the first time and touching it was pain but I learned that its normal for first time, so I pulled it down even more. Once it reached the bottom of the head where the rim is, I noticed a piece of skin connecting the foreskin to the bottom of the head.

I found similar threads online but none of them gave a definite answer and most of them were talking about the frenulum. However, I can confirm that this piece of skin is not part of the frenulum. It is located at the left side of the shaft, the right side seems normal. It looks like normal skin, and is reddish in color.

This piece of skin is preventing the foreskin from sliding down more, and I don't know if its a problem. Some people online says that it has to be cut through operation, while others say it will tear off eventually. I need advice.



This normal and is suppose to be there. You only need to retract the foreskin back far enough that it exposes the head of the penis and a little bit of the shaft.