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Hello I'm 13 and wondering if it is normal for it to be painful when trying to masturbate with my foreskin fully pulled back at my age. A year ago I started to pull back my foreskin to clean it, now it is easy for my to pulll back and slides without any effort or pain over the head so Recently I have tried to masturbate with my foreskin pulled all the way back over the head and it was painful. Because of a piece of skin attached to the back of the head of the penis between the two bumps. The piece of skin kind off pulls back the head and hurts when fully erect. I'm just wondering if this is normal or if I should go see a doctor

thank you, Alex 


Hi Alex,

Look up "frenulum."  I think that is what you are describing.  It is NORMAL.

13 is young to be able to pull back your foreskin, good for you for being able to do so.  Most guys can't until around 16 or even later.

Your foreskin may still be separating normally.

I don't think it a problem.  Hope it helps.