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hi , im 14 and I am really confused , there is something connecting my foreskin and the head of my penis , I am uncircumsised , and I don't get how I will be ably to have sex , because the foreskin is suposed to go up and down on the shaft ( I think ) and the thing connecting my foreskin and head won't let that happen without it tearing so I was wondering if you guys could tell me how it's supposed to work out .

Also I had read somewhere that it is suposed to go away but and what age ?

Thanks everyone


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hey man can you describe more what/where this connecting thin is on your penis. it is probably your frenulum which is normal. it could be that you have a short one and thats why you cannot retract your forskin. are you able to lift the skin off the top of your head all the way around your penis? also is it tight around like the head of your penis is to big and your forskin cant streatch that far arount or is it just the connection that wont let you retract it?