Once again proving you can't really make this stuff up... Man on horse and cart escapes police A man on a horse and cart escaped four police motorbikes, a patrol car, a video van, two cycling constables and a helicopter. The combined efforts of modern policing were outwitted in a low speed chase through Leeds, reports the Guardian. The 34-year-old man, who has not been named but is wanted for serious assault, was first spotted by a police cycle patrol. The suspect jumped on to a rag-and-bone cart with a friend and trotted off - followed eventually by a convoy of police vehicles. Locals in Chapel Allerton described "a bizarre procession" along a dual carriageway, with the horse and cart weaving to frustrate its pursuers. West Yorkshire police said that officers had got as close as they could but were anxious not to frighten the horse. The Steptoe-like** scene ended in a side street, where the wanted man jumped off the cart and ran down a back alley. The second man was surrounded by officers after he reined in the horse but the wanted man is still at large ** "Steptoe-like" is a reference to a British TV show Steptoe and Son that was the inspiration for Sanford and Son (Redd Foxx)