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My daughter is overt irritated down there I noticed when I put her to bed and put a pull up on her that she was red and she had the white stuff around the inside if the lips of her vagina when I wiped it I noticed blood on the wipe is this normal or should I be concerned


Hello Michelle,

it would definitely be the best for the pediatrician to examine your daughter - this irritation, especially if there is bleeding and pain could be signs of an urinary tract infection that spread to the outer parts of her vagina. It might be that she will need antibiotics to get rid of the infection and the only way to know this for sure is by seeing a pediatrician. This is not uncommon at all, since no one really can keep their child 100% bacteria free all the time, no matter how much you try. Please let me know how things go,

Wish both you and your daughter the best,