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For about 2 days now I've been getting really bad pain in the middle of my neck right under my jaw and it hurts when ever I eat, swallow, sing (it doesnt hurt that much when I sing it just makes it harder for me to sing), or even sneeze. My parents think that its no big deal and that it will go away soon but I still have my doubts. I'm worried it could be something really serious like it could be milignant or it could take my voice away. I tried eating cold foods (I'm not sure if it's a swelling but just in case it could be a swelling cold things are always good I guess) which actually did make it a LITTLE better but a few minutes later it would start hurting again. Then I heard that if you mix salt and water and gargle it in your mouth it should kill most of the germs in your mouth and I tried that a couple of times but once again it only worked a LITTLE bit and a few minutes later it would start hurting again. I'm really confused, really worried, and I need answers now.

PS- I am a 14 year old just entering high school so most people think that this could be from smoking but I have NEVER smoked in my life!


I really don't know what that could be. If it's hurting that badly and that often you should go see an ear-nose ands throat specialist. It's probably either something stuck in your throat, like a piece of food lodged in the wrong place or an infection. Last year I had pharyngitis for a little while. I had a bad fever from the bacteria, brought up some really weird, thick mucus and the slightest pain when I swallowed. Didn't hamper my singing in the least though. The ENT gave me an antibiotic syrup but the real problem alleviated before the bottle was even done. I kiss my dog on the mouth often and let him lick me and all that. I'm crazy for him. lol So when I was diagnosed with the pharyngitis, the first thing my granny thought was the dog lol. You should be fine. This post is kinda old so your problems are probably gone now. Don't worry, above all, doesn't do any good. Wish you the best. Peace :-D :O