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I have been suffering thru mild throat pain (pain is near jaws) and it

radiates to ear and unclear throat feeling. For more than five weeks.

Symptoms occurs mostly in the evenings. However, some times in day time

as well. Pain seems to be external. I am smoker (age 28),

My ENT said it is chronic pharayngitis after carrying out endoscopy.

However, there is no relief. I have completed antibiotic coarse of two

weeks. Is it chronic pharyngitis??

Any suggestion are highly appreciated.

Thank you


I think you should see a doctor again and report that you didn’t get any relief from the antibiotics s/he prescribed. Prolonged pharyngitis could be due to a sinus, mouth or a respiratory infection that has spreaded to the throat.
Things like smoking, alcohol, pollution, swallowing substances that damage the lining of the throat could be contributing to the symptoms, as well as life in a dry or dusty environment.

Considering you have had problems for over 5 weeks, I think you should be looked at for determining if there was an underlying disease.

Besides viruses and bacteria, there are other things that could be causing your pharyngitis. If it has anything to do with sinus, mouth or respiratory infections, these things should be treated then. Other possible causes could be chlamydia pneumoniae , mycoplasma pneumoniae, scalded throat, chronic smoke exposure, swallowed corrosives, throat scratches, etc


Thank you very much for your kind reply.

Now my pains have finished. Only small irritation (dryness, inflammation)in the throat. Doctor says it is due to some kind of allergy and you don't need treatment. My one gum is little swollen for last 2-3 months. Dentist says there is no infection but some inflammation is there. I hope my throat inflammation is not because of this. What are you views??


I couldn’t say anything because I can’t see it but since they haven’t prescribed anything and your pain’s subsiding, I reckon you will be fine soon.