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Hello everyone,

I've had a really bad sore throat for the past month. Over that time, the concentration of the pain has moved to different areas of the throat, first it was in the back of the throat behind the uvula and tonsils, then it moved to the bottom of the throat above the collar bone, now its back behind to uvula and tonsils.

I've gone to the emergency room 5 times this month, every time I saw a physician's assistant. The first time on March 9th, I had noticed a bag of pus directly in the back of the throat, so I went in and they thought it was pharyngitis and gave me some amoxicilian which did help and cleared it up within 48 hours. Then it came back on March 18th. I went back again and, instead of giving me more of or a higher dosage of amoxicilian, they decided to switch it to Keflex, which didn't help at all. I went back again, and they thought it might be allergies so they gave me loratidine which, still, didn't help at all.

I decided to go to a different hospital but, ended up having to wait 7 hours in there to see what they could suggest. They prescribed me some percocets, a mouth wash which numbs the throat comprised on maalox and liquid benadryl, and some prilosec because they thought in might me acid reflex. Still none of this killed the pain or got rid of the sore throat.

I went back to the other hospital and the same woman who prescribed me loratidine just dismissed it and didn't give me anything to help. Despite the fact that I was in a lot of pain, she said that my throat looked "fine," though I had checked in the mirror and it was red and there was a small pus She did take some blood to see if I had h. pylori. Every time I've went I've had a step culture and a mono test, and those have come back negative. She told me to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor, but I can't get in until two more days.

I called and spoke to a male physician's assistant yesterday who prescribed me azithromycin. As directed, I took two azithromycins the yesterday, and one today which did seem to stop some of the swelling. My throat doesn't hurt as much as it did but, I can still see some pus pockets on both sides of my throat directly behind my bottom molars and still feel quite a bit of discomfort. I don't think this is a virus as I've had it for a month; it seems like a throat or respiratory bacterial infection or an abscess.

What would you recommend or suggest to do in this situation?



Try pyroginium homeupatic


hey!! what was it? I need to know ASAP!! how did you treat it?? my mon has this same problem. exactly. I'm worried. she's in pain.