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A patient had recently had a major surgery for "metastatic carcinoma of the thyroid". Since the cancer was substernal and had expanded into the chest, it required complete thyroidectomy and chest surgery. The surgeon had to cut one of the laryngeal nerves due to the nature of the cancerous cells. Now the patient recovering after surgery. Five days after the surgery, the doctor removed the food pipe. However, this caused many issues including constant cough and breathlessness as the water entered in the lungs. This was again due to the cut laryngeal nerve. So we had to put the patient back on food pipe.

The patient is having trouble speaking and swallowing due to the cut laryngeal nerve. I was wondering if there is any possible surgery to fix/replace the cut nerve? I understand the patient will need to go through treatment to learn to swallow and speak with only one laryngeal nerve. Can you recommend any other solutions and some pointers into this treatment?

Any advise is highly appreciated.

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