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Can anyone help me? I have horrible total body muscle aches and cramps, fatigue, racing heartbeat, slight breathlessness on occasion and ringing in my ears. I have had blood tests from docs to rule out other stuff (anemia, vit deficiency etc) The only thing I can think of is thyroid stuff.

Oh- I am 40 year old woman, healthy weight, exercise regularly, take no medication and have no other health issues.

Do I just go to my regular doc to ask about this?

I have just stopped the Birth Control Pill (after 6 weeks only) - do I need to wait some time for it to be out of my system before a hormone test?

How long would it take to get results of a hormone test? and how soon could meds be offered? I'm really miserable and in pain!

thank you to anyone who can put some light at the end of my tunnel


On those tests how were your iodine levels? Have you noticed a lump on your neck at all?

It might cost a bit but a homeopathic or naturopathic doc could really help you as I think you are dealing with toxicity issue as opposed to perhaps a deficiency