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I’m going through several tests, medication changes and doctor’s appointments hoping to finally figure out what’s wrong with my thyroid, the latest one my endocrinologist asked for is thyroid scan after radioactive iodine uptake. I don’t have the insurance, but possibly could qualify for Medicaid if it’s necessary to pay for the cost of this scan. So far my blood work shows I’m hypothyroid, however, the whole testing started because there were several nodules detected on my thyroid. So far I didn’t have any biopsy done and I’m not quite sure if I should first get radioactive iodine re uptake test before I have biopsy. I’m scared how big the cost for this thyroid scan would be, but what’s even worse, I don’t know if it will help definitely tell what the problem with my thyroid is. But, out of the pocket, how much does thyroid scan and uptake test costs?


Hello, Guest.... Upon my research, it looks like it can run from a hundred to several hundred dollars depending on the administration of the hospital.  It usually would be covered by your insurance but since you said you don't have any, you should apply for Medicaid.  I don't know if you have several hundred dollars laying around so it would behoove you to go apply as soon as possible.  If you are getting a radioiodine thyroid scan, it is more expensive than the alternative (Tc99m pertechnetate scan). Since you are getting both scan and scan uptake, the cost will be more as well.  I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect.