I underwent surgery on 25/03/10 to remove two neuromas from my right foot. Was quite concerned regarding recovery times and what I had read on the internet didn't help. I didn't have any real pain afterwards and only took paracetamol which I stopped after 48 hours as there was no pain - just slight discomfort. I had to keep the bandage on and could not bath until the stitches were taken out. On Friday 09/04/10 the stitches were taken out and I was pleasantly surprised to be able to wear an ordinary sock and my own shoe (albeit a lace-up leather trainer). Two days on I have taken a bath being careful not to submerge right foot for too long. There is a very small amount of bleeding on the dressing and will use melolin dressings until this has stopped. My surgeon went in from the sole of the foot, although I had read that they go in from the top of the foot. The operation was carried out under a general anaesthetic and I was in theatre for 50 minutes. I am walking with care and there is slight discomfort, but nothing major. I expect it to improve over time and once the scars are healed, I have been advised to massage sole of foot with good moisturizing cream to improve skintone and help nerve endings. (I will probably follow this up with bio-oil as I did when I had my carpal tunnel op. 12 months ago.) I have to go back to the hospital to see the specialist in 4 weeks time. Hope this helps anyone who is having the torment I had in deciding whether or not to have the procedure done.