Post Morton's neuroma /tarsal tunnel surgery. Outcome horrible pain. Apparently suffering from nerve damage.  9 months later the doc sent me to a world renowned surgeon who specializes in nerve entrapment Since this was a weight bearing issue his theory is to transport the nerves from the ball of the foot clamping/sewing them into the muscle of the arch which should alleviate the intense pain from the 3rd and fourth interspaces. His third surgery on the sole of my foot was done almost 3 1/2 years ago and I have never been in such pain and agony in my life. My husband and I have exhausted all resourses in any attenpt to find some/any relief of the constant pain and incredible burning in my foot up to my knee. Every specialist we see is astonished at how the sole of my foot was cut up. From my ankle through the middle of the sole to the ball. The scar tissue formed there is so painful I reach a level of 15 which I never imagine such agony. I cannot stand or walk for long therefore my husband has to take me out in my wheelchair. Prior to the Morton's neuroma surgery I was able to run, walk for miles and dance. My life has been taken away as I once knew it simply because I made this Morton's Neuroma angry by cutting on it. In addition my foot is crippled with atrophy and my toes have become deformed. If I had this to do over I would have just left it alone. That pain back then was NOTHING! Now my husband and I are going to a new specialist who treats peripheral neuropathy to discuss removing the lateral plantar nerve. I am terrifyed however I cannot physically or mentally deal with this unbearable pain any longer. I am unable to take any for of narcotics so I must use my mind to try and focus on something other than my foot but my focus has been worn down and I break. If anyone out there is suffering from Morton's Neuroma surgery it's possible you may have a stump neuroma which is more painful. Please give your foot time to heal. It can take up to 18 months. Be patient. Wear shoes with a wide toe bed. Use cold packs but do not cut any more. You will just most likely get more scar tissue to deal with and possible nerve damage from cutting. If only someone had told me thisafter the neuroma surgery I would have been so grateful and if I can help just one person from this kind of pain then my work is done.

Has anyone out there ever suffered from nerve entrapment in the foot/leg from a previous surgery? If so how was it treated? Thanks, cdezyns