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In November of 2007 me feet started to feel numb. In just a few months it spread to my legs and hands as well. An MRI film reveled that I had a herniated disc in my neck, C-5, with the surrounding area very cloudy, proving damaged nerves. I had surgery in April of 2008 and at the time of this posting, I’m not 100% better, but at least the cause of the damage has been repaired. I’ve done extensive research and read 1000’s of articles on nerve damage, and the possible causes are numerous. Most neurologists, if they were to be completely honest, genuinely have no idea how to help their patients other then to give them prescription drugs for pain. Medical journals have stated that in most cases, (unless destroyed) nerves do regenerate themselves, in time. There are cases of people (i.e. Osmond Family member) with MS, who were in a wheel chair, one day, walk again. As for me, I’m on a vitamin regiment of Benfotiamine, B-6 and Methyl B-12, which are Brain Cell & Nerve builders. I use an electronic nerve “Rebuilder” for 30 minutes at night, as-well-as using an exercise bike daily. My legs are stronger and only time will reflect if I ever regain my mobility back.

I wish the best of Luck to everyone and please stay positive. Negative people, and negative thinking FOR A FACT, has proven to be detrimental. Oasis of the Seas


It is possible that you could be walking through MS although it sounds to me like the damage you sustained is not the same thing. How are you doing? And how are those methods working for you?