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Hello friends, (age=19) i have seen so many users post that their Foreskin does not retract when its erect
the same problem is mine, But many users like 12yrs (kids) onwards started worrying abt Foreskin retracts,
So i want to know something that What is the proper age that foreskin retracts?
and I don't wanna cut or rip anything!
I just want a solution that can fix the problem


What problem would that be?

If you DNA has designed a loose enough foreskin it will retract. If not, it won't.

Either is natural. Only issue with non-retracting is that you need to be a little bit more conscious of hygiene, washing the head.

If it's painful, don't push it.

At 19, you're also a legal adult, so if you find it irritating or inconvenient, you can discuss eg: circumcision, if that is desirable.

If you experience no discomfort, and experience normal sexual satisfaction - orgasm by masturbation and or intercourse, then why change what works.