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I scoured this forum searching for an answer to this and have found many similar topics none which answer my fairly specific question, would appreciate some answers.

I'm 19 and have only had sex once, 2 weeks ago. We used a lot of water based lubricant, and before then I had never fully retracted my foreskin while erect, even though i have done many times while flaccid with no problems. Could draw it back behind the glans and put it back to where it was.
It felt weird, but didn't say anything, when my foreskin fully retracted during sex. Afterwards, due to being heavily lubed, I was able to put my foreskin back over my glans with significant effort and discomfort. Was fairly worried especially after seeing what might have happened from reading about PARAphimiosis the other day :-(

The other day i pulled my foreskin back while erect without lube. Freaked out, as I was unable to pull it back over my glans again at all, but then calmed down and went flaccid (very quickly as fear is the ultimate anti-arousal) in order to solve problem.
Is this normal? I.e. being unable to retract without lubricant when erect, but no problems when flaccid?

I mean, part of me is thinking that because retracting the foreskin during an erection is something which happens naturally in penetration (as i found out the other week), and even without artificial lubricant you are naturally lubed through penetration in sex, retracting while erect with no natural or artificial lubricant is not something your body is supposed to do, and therefore I do not have phimiosis.

If on the other hand, I should be able to do this comfortably, then I do have Phimiosis and sadly have to go and get the Betamethasone cream 0.05% from my GP, a treatment I do not want to have to do because it is inconvenient.
I however am not on to fool myself, and some opinions from the all knowing steadyhealth forum may help


Oh and when my foreskin retracts while erect, even lubed, it will not return over the glans without me forcing it to happen with my fingers, or presumably going flaccid.