Hi, i have an issue that's bugging me, i'd rather avoid seeing a doctor unless i have to with this.

I have always had a tight non retractable foreskin, i have been (slowly but surely) loosening it while trying to avoid any sexual relationship incase it poses a problem.

Now i have it kind of "half way there"...alot looser than it used to be and it can pass the glands/head fully now...But there are a few more issues including one im quite worried about. The tight ring (cant remember the correct term) of skin is not that tight anymore. Its still annoying though. Anyway...

Although it can now be retracted it still wont sit properly, with the head exposed. the skin just folds over again (probably because im 20 and the skin has grown more due to it used to be so tight)... That's not the biggest issue though, as i feel like i cant loosen it anymore because of a tight Frenulum. Which is annoying as i just felt like i was getting somewhere.

I'm getting to the stage where if i avoid sex any more, my girlfreind will think im not interested in her. Or even just get bored...it has happened before, i dont want it to happen again.

So now its become an issue more than ever.

What i want to know is: has anyone been in the same situation?

And is it possible to loosen it any more myself.

Also what options are there (medical or otherwise) other than circumcision (which i 100% do not want).

Another issue is the possibility of a Frenulum Tear which worries me.

Thanks, and sorry about the long post.