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i have recently experienced trouble pulling back my foreskin when I have a full erection. What is the cause and is there a solution?


There are several options for dealing with this condition.

First, you can do nothing. This could be a temporary condition that will relax. However, if you are saying this happens every time, you will probably want to take action.

Second, you can speak with a doctor about having a circumcision. Most men and doctors do not recommend a circumcision for grown men who have become used to the feeling and sensations of an intact foreskin. But some conditions suggest this action.

Third, it is possible to have a "dorsal slit" performed as an outpatient in the doctor's office. This would give you a little more room, but will take some time to heal, and to get used to. But once it's done, it's done. Many men find that if they have become just too tight, this is the best option.

Fourth, some people suggest some gentle stretching of the foreskin repeatedly, until it is stretched enough to glide back over the head, exposing the glans. But this takes time.

Again, in all cases, you'll want to be examined and speak frankly with a doctor.

Good luck.


The chances of you needing a circumcision for this are very, very slim. It sounds from here like a mild phimosis, but you'd have to see a doctor for a definite diagnosis.

The best advice I can give is to start some gentle stretching exercises. I'm assuming you can already retract whilst flaccid (or soft) so your over half way there already.

A good stretching technique I found was (while I was in the bath or shower) to gently pull the foreskin back to a point before you feel any pain then stop, return it, then pull it back again but try to go a little further and repeat as long as you have the enthusiasm for it. Don't force the foreskin back as this can damage your foreskin and lead to paraphimosis where the foreskin gets trapped and a trip to A&E (the "ER" or emergency room in America) is required.

It depends on how loose your foreskin is. If you feel like it could get trapped behind the glans, the best option is to insert your fingers into the opening of your foreskin and gently pull it open. This could take awhile as well.


Hi all, I am 26 and Uncut, I am masturbating from the age of 15... but i masturbate with covered foreskin and i have not seen my glans a year year. back when i was masturbating, suddenly the foreskin rolled back and got stuck behind the Glans ..i cannot push it forward to normal day the foreskin which rolled back had swollen big..and i went to a surgeon. he used some gel and mannually brought the foreskin to normal position and he told i have a tight foreskin and recommended circumcision.. but i dont want to go for circumsition. and today i went to a sexologist he examined me and he pulled back my foreskin and pushed forward to normal position in flaccid state. at this time my glans was very sensitive. he asked me to practice.. when i practiced in flaccid i can be able to slide back easily but cant pull it forward to normal position..i have to struggle hard..the doctor told the foreskin is enfolded behind the glans and he told i have to practice this stretching for one month .. he said after these stretches, if ther is no improvement we can go for circ... can you please anyone tell whats my exact problem... he told me 2 weeks practice in flaccid and 2 weeks practic in erect  state...but i am scared that i cant do this when i am erect.. please tell me whats my problem and will this problem affect my sexual life...please.....suggestions?...



There is nothing "wrong" with you.  Your foreskin is just a  little tight.  This can be dealt with by gentle stretching, as the doctor said.

As the doctor said, practice retracting your foreskin and then he'll re-evaluate to see if there's been progress.


IT IS possible to stretch that foreskin.  The secret is to try frequently, a couple of times each day, and stretch just up to the point of pain, but not beyond it.  After a couple of weeks, you will see that the foreskin is stretching and it is becoming easier to retract.

But if you don't practice regularly, you will not see progress... and the doctor will not see it either.  The next option is circumcision.he

Good luck.  You can do this.


PS: This does not have to affect your future sex life.  The stretching you do now will make sex much more enjoyable. But if you don't, then sex could be painful, akward, and not pleasurable.    So, hop to it.



i have a prob. too i havnt been able to pull my sh*t back for a while. dnt no the last time i seen my head. wen i try to pull back its jus a tiny whole where i can jus see a lil lil tiny part of my head. is that a bad thing? i jus started takin into consideration lately if i should get circumsized.

help anyone

im a hockey player that can get girls but still havnt done anything wit em but jus a lil hookup.

tryna f**k tho


You're going to want to discuss this with a doctor after an examination.

Be prepared to get yourself erect so that he can understand your problem.

Circumcision MAY be an option, but there are others to consider first.

Have you ever been able to expose the head?

Have you cleaned under the foreskin regularly?

Have you tried regular stretching of the foreskin to ease it back over time.

This could take three months or more of regular, twice a day stretching during warm baths.

Discuss this with your doctor.