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I am a 34 year old male and not been circumcised. I have never had problems before but for the last three weeks I have had problems with my foreskin being tight. I am finding it difficult to pull the skin back over the head and when I do this it is extremely tight. I have no pain or discharge and have never experienced this sort of problem before and wonder why after all these years this problem has started.


This often happens due to poor hygiene when sebum (the white stuff) accumulates under the foreskin and hardens.

I would try retracting slowly if possible and washing gently with mild soap and warm watter. If you can't retract at all, you better see an urologist so that he could should you how to strech and precribe you with a corticosteroid for better streching and getting rid of inflammation if there is any.

You better see a doc now, so you wouldn't become a case for circumcision.