This problem has been getting worse over the past year. At first it was numbness in my feet when I'd wake up in the morning.. that stopped for some reason, and then my hands started to feel numb. Now it seems my left hand isn't swelling but on occassion it does feel numb/tingling. But my right hand - my primary hand seems to be getting worse. When I wake up in the morning, my 4 fingers are swollen to the point where it feels like the skin is being stretched, and while there is pain, it is bearable, but I'm sure this is not a normal state for me to be in. I thought I may be sleeping on my hands wrong and stopping the circulation, but I've tried to just sleep on my back and that still doesn't work. I try to hold my arms up to get the blood back but I'm not sure if that is correct to do either. Any advise from anyone who may also suffer from this. I'm new to steadyhealth, and apologize if this has already been addressed. (I'm on the computer alot, but I've checked on Carpel Tunnel, and I don't really believe that is the problem). thanks