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I am 24 years old virgin and uncircumcised. I masturbate once everyday. Lately I have been having long masturbation sessions for 25-30min. Most of the times i don't use a lube. Now I have this tingling sensation on tip of my penis! that wont go away. Its been like this for past one week!! It doesn't hurt its just annoying. But due to tingling i feel like i have to pee a lot. its very annoying!! when i pee its normal doesnt burn!! I think my tip became sensitive. My question is does this happen to every i worrying abt it to much. If i stop masturbation will it heal itslef?? Any suggestions/tips to avoid this ??. Should i go see a doctor??

Thanks a bunch!!


You have a bladder infection i've had one before its annoying as hell just drink alot of water