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I also suffer from Tinnitus. I am 34 years of age and it all started about a year ago. About a month ago the noise in my right ear has got much worse and seems to be correlated with dizziness, nausea, terrible headaches and tiredness. I am not sure why this is actually happening to me now. I have been swimming an hour a day for the last two months and although I fell much healthier I must admit that I believe that there must be some effect with all this swimming. I have been to two ear specialists but although they did give me some treatments (which worked for 1 or 2 days) the problem still persists. I had a terrible car accident 5 years ago and suffered from a very bad whiplash which really messed up my neck and since then I have cervical problems such as stiffness and plenty of pain. Since after the accident, my neck cracks several times each time I move to the right side. Coincidentally, I also suffer of Tinnitus in my right ear and have had eye floaters (really bad ones) in my right eye after the accident. Thus, there must a pattern: right side fractured cervical bones, eye floaters in right eye, acute Tinnitus in right ear.

My only worry is that I do not know if exercise such as swimming may be aggravating my Tinnitus plus all other undesired headaches, dizziness, nausea etc… I always thought that sports were good to release endomorphins etc, but maybe not in my case.... I do not know

Has anybody had any similar symptoms?, I do not know if to do a MRI scan but I think that my symptoms are more related to my car accident that to a possible brain tumour…though I feel quite ill and I do not seem to be getting any better.



Hello Michael

I am a fellow sufferer of ringing of the right ear. About 3 years ago had a inner ear virus, symptoms - vertigo ( lying down), v.bad headache and dry reaching (was hospitalised for a day). Fluids, Anti nausea tablets and rest eventually relieved the virus.

I believe the tinnitus I suffer now is virus related. I believe some symptoms can return. I also am a keen swimmer, and unsure if the water into the ear is upsetting the nerve endings in ear. Also I am unsure if I have hearing loss due to the noise of the tinnitus.

My age is 55, so this could also be another factor to hearing loss/tinnitus. Most times after swimming I feel very tired and spaced out ..... inner ear/water problem? I do not know.