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Ok... so I'm having a bit of issues.

My 5 month old is a breastfed baby, who eats grains, peas and sweet potatoes daily. So, this is what has happened; she was pooping 4-5 times daily, when all of the sudden she hadn't pooped in 1 full day (ok... no big deal, right?), I went to change her diaper that night and noticed a small clay like poop in her diaper green in color. The next day, she had a REALLY big poo all over me, normal consistancy lol. Again, the same thing happened that evening, went to change her bum for the evening and a small clay like poop was in her diaper. Today, the boyfriend was changing her bum when he yelled out "come here, there's something wrong..." so I went in only to find my poor little pookie had a hard poop stuck in her bum.

I made her do the bicycle, I pushed her legs up, I pushed on her belly.. I gave her a bit of apple juice and water (2 oz / 2 oz she barely had half an ounce out of it) and still has yet to have a poo! She's laying on her belly playing with toy, I'm hoping the pressure will help her belly but nothing seems to be helping. Does anyone have a solution? Could it be because of the foods she is eating????

Thank you in advance.



Hi there it sounds to me like she is constipated and it might be a good idea to see a doctor about it to ake sure that she is not impacted. What do you thinK?