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My baby is 18 months old. She had a blister show up on her her upper thigh. When I brushed against it it was apparent it was very painful. The blister poppeAsa day later and clear fluid came out of it. Now it is a hard crusty scab with red around it. She now has three other blisters starting on her lower belly. Any idea what it is or what I should do?



Take your baby to the doctor please!  That is not normal - unless, exposed to chicken pox?  Spending lots time outside in the hot sun in the same diaper?  Spending time outside in  the sun with no hat, no pants, shirt, etc? 

Does your baby have a fever at all?  Eating and drinking normal?  Normal stools or are they loose, more frequent or constipated, less frequent? 

Does Ibuprofen or Tylenol seem to help?  Cool baths? 

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