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To any implanon user,

Ive had the implanon for a few months and i havent had a period since, im not sure if it is healthy to not have periods but i really think it is just your body adjusting to the hormones. I would wait it out instead of taking the implanon out right away, and changing to another birth control because you are messing with your body's hormones. I dont have any complains although i have been a bit moody with my boyfriend i think any birth control will give you almost the same side effects. I think its great i dont have to worry about refilling my birth control or taking it everyday i have three years till then. I do think theres more pros then cons with implanon, and who cares not having a period is great, who wants it i sure dont.:-D


I've been on for almoswt the whole 3 years and haven't had one. Its perfectly fine to not have one while you;re on it. Also, it made me a bit moody in the beginning too. Just wait it out. :)