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My friend stepped on my toe with his cleats while we were playing sports and its been 4 days since the incident but my toe started to hurt today, there was no blood but it just hurts when i try to walk or run. Any Suggestions on what i should do? please help


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Hello, seeme.

It's not unusual for pain to occur some time after injury. That only means you squashed some part of your toe. The best way to treat it is resting, applying cold compresses on injured part and slight massage. You can use a spray against bruises which you can get in local pharmacy. From my experience (as former soccer player, and active athlete), you'll need 15-20 days to fully recover. Meanwhile, don't go on sport. The injured part must be isolated from outside trauma. You can still walk and run, but try to save your toe as much as you can.

Although it's a very little chance something is broken, you can consult your doctor. After all, you're having over 50 bones in toe.