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What to do if I stepped on a rusty clothing stud?

If I stepped on a rusty clothing stud but have had my tetanis shot 6 years ago and somewhat cleaned the wound, would I still need a tetanis shot?

Here is what happened. I have 3 puncture wounds. Two started bleeding right away as the went in 3-4 cm. It was nearly impossible to clean the holes. There was some rust on some of the clothing studs, but i'm not sure if on mine or on the part that actually went in my foot.

I've been worrying all day. I have had a tetanis shot 6 years ago. What do I do? I don't want to go and get one.



Hi JakP,

You should be OK.  Normally you only need a booster every 10 years.

But, you can still get an infection - even if not tetanus.

Watch for signs of infection or any drainage (pus) from the wounds.  If you notice any OR if you start to feel ill, see your doctor.

Hope it helps.