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i just got my tongue pierced on tuesday and its been a week.
its still just a sore as it was the day after it was pierced and still swollen and it hurts real bad to eat and sometimes stings when i eat certain things but even like icecream sting today.. and the left side of my tongue is hard. it feels like the whole left side is hard and hurts!!!

is it infected? whats going on help me =]


It does seem to be infected. You may not have gone to a reliable source to pierce your tongue.

Your best bet is to go to the doctor and get it treated.


I got my tongue pierced about four years ago, but I remember the first month PRETTY well. My tongue was hard for almost the whole month and the hole was sensitive for a long time.

I found that the best thing to do was to chew on Ice. If kept my tongue cold, but made it move and it's just water so it won't really affect the piercing except maybe clean it.

I'm just a bad sweller, you might be too. It does't sound infected to me, because you're still in your first week. If your tongue isn't it's usual dark pinky colour and right around the hole is really red or is discharging, then I'd say it was infected. Also, commonly, you would be developing a bump under your tongue.

Either way, If you went to a sensible piercer, you should be able to go in and ask. It would be faster to see the piercer then the doc, and they should be able to tell you.

Best of Luck, I hope it's not infected. It really sucks when it is. Just brush your teeth lots and gargle sea salt water often, you should be able to keep it clean and clean keeps you away from infection.