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i need some advice. i just got my tongue pierced a few days ago and it was fine. barely hurt at all and today when i got up it was really sore and hurt a lot more than it should have. it died down then went away and my mom noticed some white puss [like how you get an infection when your sick in the back of your throat] on the bottom next to the ball. so i got my listerine and rised and some white puss came up from the bottom through the top. when i got home[cause i had to take my mom to the doctors] i rinsed with salt water then sae salt water and it felt better. but every once in a while it pulses and the front of it hurts. i see a lot of people say that is kinda of part of it healing. the yellowish tint on the top but it still worries me. i dont wanna get it taken out. could it be that it got infected cause i didnt rinse it right away after i ate solid food? i had lunch meat and cheese and applesauce and crackers. did i just wait to long to clean it? i dont know how long i waited but it was at least almost an hour. and then i had a milk shake and waited a little longer. is that why and it w=should just go away if i keep it clean or should i see a doctor about it ASAP?


Dear Ashleyanne,

When you pierce a sensitive area such as the tongue, pain and drainage are normal side effects. The white drainage, in which you mention, is normal. However, if you begin noticing any of the following symptoms or side effects - seek immediate treatment from a health care provider.

  • Yellow or Green Drainage;
  • Pain lasting more than two weeks;
  • Strongly foul taste that seems to stay for two weeks following the piercing;
  • Swollen, inflamed, or dark red tongue (the tongue should be a naturally light red-pink);
  • Area around the piercing is turning green; or
  • Fever of more than 100.4 Fahrenheit
Enjoy your piece of art and continue rinsing twice a day with an alcohol based mouthwash (such as Listerine).


thanks. i was so worried about that. i was freaking out. lol.